Storage Drawer Organizer

Storage Drawer Organizer 3d model

Little organizer buckets that slip into standard small parts drawers you can buy online. This particular one is based on the Akro-Mills parts organizer on Amazon but I’d imagine it would work with similar organizers as well.

It just slides into place and I’ve included several versions, including ones with 3-6 compartments as well as the individual dividers themselves. You can either arrange the dividers and merge them in your slicer or print them individually to create a two-compartment drawer (note that you will need to adjust the thickness to 2mm if you plan on doing this).

There is a slot in the front for you to print labels (I’ve included a template but any 40x20x1.2mm plate will work). You will have to add your text yourself (Prusa slicer makes this easy) and print with multiple colors.

Print Settings
Printer Brand: Prusa
Printer: i3 MK4
Rafts: No
Supports: Yes
Resolution: 0.2


I chose to print the bottoms of the organizers in a bright orange to provide contrast against the black parts but this is optional.



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