Toothpaste NX-Truder

Toothpaste NX-Truder 3d model

Toothpaste NX-Truder 2 3d model

Toothpaste NX-Truder 3 3d model

Toothpaste NX-Truder 4 3d model

Printing in less than 4 hours, this new half barrel design allows loading from the top with a split crank shaft. This will be easier for most users to load and unload. Its robust design has a solid feel and will easily accept most toothpastes. It has a heavy duty ratchet system that is very satisfying to operate. Designed to last. Print two, mix and match colors. Makes a nice gift too.

We opted to print with Prusament PETG with a .4 nozzle diameter. Layer height is .2 mm set for quality in Prusa Slicer. Infill set to 15%. No supports are needed. (Use an X-acto blade to fully split crank shaft threads if needed. See photos.)


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