Traditional Garden Lantern

Traditional Garden Lantern 3d model

My Traditional Garden Lantern is based around a 2″x 2″ (5cm x 5cm) flickering LED candle. All of the 3D modeling was done in Tinkercad. There are 6 individual model files, and a total of 8 pieces that complete the lantern. All 8 pieces are fitted together using traditional Japanese tenon-style joinery, which allows the hexagonal features to stay aligned together as they stack up, with no need for adhesive. Dimensions are 33cm (height) by 23cm (width). I included a photo with a typical soda bottle for scale. This was printed on my Prusa MK3S+ with .6 nozzle. Model pieces were printed with Inland 1.75mm PLA Marble, for a granite/stone appearance. Some of the pieces may need light deburring/sanding to get the best possible fit. Be sure to exercise the best options when choosing infill/supports/temps/etc.



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