A Self Watering Planter of Singular Purpose (Spiral Vase)

A Self Watering Planter of Singular Purpose (Spiral Vase)

These parts are designed to use a few solid layers on the bottom and then a continuous and unbroken profile all the way up the part. Prusa and Slic3r call this vase mode, while Cura calls it spiralize.

A single piece/print design of the ever-present self-watering planter. Saves all the folderol of multiple prints and also saves a whole bunch of time. Since it’s a vase mode part, the wall speed is the only setting that significantly affects the print time. I can’t advise printing at over 40mm/s and you’ll get better prints at slower speeds.

Printing times (approximate):
140W190H: 7-8 hours
100W140H: 4-5 hours
80W100H: 2-3 hours

The parts will be very sensitive to scaling, due to a double-back on one of the walls. A few percent either way should be okay, but consult your layer preview. If you have a size you would really like to print, just let me know and I can configure a new file.

Print Settings
Rafts: No
Supports: No
Resolution: 0.2mm
Infill: N/A
Nozzle Diameter: 0.4mm
Line Width: 0.6mm (over extrusion for a thicker wall)
Top/Bottom Layer Width: 0.4mm (I’ve found this necessary in order to achieve a water tight base)
Bottom Layers: 5
Inner/Outer Wall Print Speed: <40mm/s Spiralize Outer Contour: Yup



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