Customizable hexagon coasters with holder

Customizable hexagon coasters with holder

This is a remix of sorts as I had to create a model to share my STL and scad files of OutwardB’s excellent design. Please see his original model (linked to below) for instructions and more examples.

I added a 2mm lip and widened my coasters to 90mm. You can use the my_honeycomb_coaster.scad file and change only the “pattern_selection” parameter to get the same dimensions as the coaster STL files I’ve included here.

You’ll see in one of the photos I attached stick-on flat bumpers to keep the coasters from sliding around. I bought those at Amazon and they are commonly used to dampen cabinet doors being closed.

For my container I set “number of coasters” to 13 in the included scad sketch, which works out to 41mm tall and will hold 5 coasters with bumpers. I also increased the bottom thickness to 2mm for strength.

I printed the coasters with a manual color change as shown in the included 3mf file. Prusament PLA Galaxy Black and Galaxy Purple was used.



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