Diamond-like Geodesic Low Polygon Planter Pot or Vase

Diamond-like Geodesic Low Polygon Planter Pot or Vase

I wanted a large pot that I could print on my Prusa Mini+ and worked with my self-watering insert that this is remixed from. I love printing 2 tone planters as it makes it easy to create many unique variations and is very simple to do a color swap in a Slicer program. I used this planter for some rare basil and pared it up with the self-watering planter insert to make it easy to grow herbs in my house.

This pot has shell/wall thickness of 2.5mm to make it water tight and could also scale down to 50% size no problem for smaller plants. I printed .15mm layer height using Overture Matte Teal PLA with Overture Silk Gold PLA for the top part. Color change set in Prusa Slicer. I did have some layer shift on my model due to my belts losing tension but the model should print really well for a well calibrated machine without supports, rafts or brims.

Print Settings that Worked for Me

.15-.2mm Layer Height
I find this to be a good number for speed and quality. I’m sure .3 would work well too but more noticeable layers.

100% Infill
I recommend setting 100% infill to make the pot water-tight. You can paint Titebond III Ultimate Wood Glue on the inside if you have leaking issues.

Set Perimeters to 8 lines for Vertical Shells (optional)
I find setting this in the Slicer gets smoother sidewalls and a tiny bit faster print over an infill pattern.

Planter Insert Note: I didn’t scale the Self-watering Planter Insert that I link to in the remix as it was designed for the default size. You can scale the insert and pot down or up pretty easily to fit you needs.



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