Drippy Bucket

Drippy Bucket

I had a vision of a pop-art, digital, illustrative style drippy paint bucket and had to make it come to life! I designed this entirely in Fusion360 and printed on Prusa MK3S and MK3S+. All parts print and fit together well in PLA at .3mm layer height, I cannot speak for other materials such as PETG which typically shrinks a bit more than PLA. I used 3D Fuel Charcoal Gray, Lulzbot Green and Industrial Gray Pro PLA for the print in the photos. No glue required, it is all snap-fit. No supports required.

I will be remixing this to add a modular insert for the interior of the bucket. This will also allow you to color the inside of the can the same as the Drip element, thus creating a more cohesive product.

I natively design in Imperial units so deal with it in your slicer accordingly.



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