Infill Samples with Display Case

Infill Samples with Display Case

14 Infill Samples with a case.

Everything can be printed on a Prusa MINI. Simply download the 3MF file to PrusaSlicer and change the printer type. I had great success printing them in batches of 2 at a time (split left and right) and I haven’t heard any complaints from people printing them 4 at a time. I found that when I printed them 1 at a time, they warped. It comes down to how you want to schedule the color changes.

Speaking of color changes, there are two, start with the back border color (sample: Galaxy Black), then switch to the infill and text color you want (sample: Viva La Bronze), then finish with the same border color (sample: Galaxy Black) you started with.

My wife commented on my early samples that changing the front border color to a 3rd odd color takes some spotlight off the infill and highlights the front border color more … but you do you and please share the results 😉

There are 5 plates to print in total. The first 4 plates contain the infill chips and Plate 5 is the case. No color changes on Plate 5. If you are interested in bedazzling the case a bit, I will post a User Print of the honeycomb studs and the front bar seen in a couple pictures


Matt Boyer

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