Jewellery Chest

Jewellery Chest 3d model

I designed a pirates treasure chest for the boys and the girls got upset they didn’t have something, so here it is, something for the girls, now everyone is happy. The internal trays I’ve designed for the jewellery chest are compatible with the pirates tresasure chest model.

You will require 2—20x6x2mm rectangular neodymium magnets.

You will need to print out
1 bottom
1 bottom adornment
1 top adornment
4 corners
4 side trims
4 feet
2 Chanel
2 gucci
4 Louis Vuitton
2 Versace
4 bands
1 handle
1 top

Pause print @2.8mm on the Chanel, Gucci, Versace and Louis Vuitton appliqu├ęs for the colour change.

Once you have all the printed parts, you need to superglue everything in this order;

1. side trims
2. Chanel, Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Versace
3. bottom adornment
4. corner pieces
5. top adornment

1. bands (NB: The shorter ends of the bands for the lid go towards the hinge side)
2. handle

Secure the top hinge with the bottom hinge with a piece of 1.75mm filament and trim to length and glue the ends.

The only part of this model that requires some supports is the underside of the top. I used organic supports in PrusaSlicer just for the very top of the underside and it left a very clean print.



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