Leaf Drink Coasters with Decorative Plant Holder

Leaf Drink Coasters with Decorative Plant Holder

A set of leaf coasters and decorative holders. These coasters will catch the condensation from your glass and you can use it to water your plants! Nothing quite like free water, right? When you’re done with the coaster, plug it back into the pot to complete the plant. There’s 2 different leaves, 2 different pots, and 3 different plant types to choose from. The coasters are approximately 90mm wide, enough to handle most glasses and mugs, unless you have those oversized novelty ones.


No supports or anything fancy needed, grab the models, slice as the are, and happy printing. Print 6 of the leaves of your choice, one pot and one planting arrangement. These all printed well at 0.20mm, but can be printed at other layer heights if you like.

One bit of caution for the Stems arrangement model in particular, you need to have higher infill or perimeters for the stems if your layer adhesion is not good. They are somewhat fragile compared to the other models and are prone to snapping (15% infill was not enough…). The Tree and Ground arrangements are perfectly fine at lower infills.


Everything is push together! You might want to put a rock or bit of dirt in the bottom of the pot to help it stay balanced before you place the planting assembly on top. It’s going to be hard to remove the plant arrangement once assembled, make sure you are happy with the one you have chosen. The leaf stems slot into the holes it the arrangement, there’s multiple positions possible.



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