Modern geometric succulent plant pot

Modern geometric succulent plant pot

“I designed three geometric plant pots for some succulents.
In addition, I created an inside pot for each planter with some holes in their bottom and a little offset from the ground so that excess water can escape.

They were designed to fit small succulents and have an inside width of ~60 to ~65 mm.
They are all around the same hight (roughly 60mm from the ground).

I would love to see your prints, so if you make one be sure to post a picture under makes.
If you like my designs or have any question leave a comment and maybe consider a little tip.

I also added a stl file for the base. Mine is made of concrete and not 3d printed, but I modeled it anyway to find out how the planters would look on it.
It is about 260 mm long so maybe you have to scale it down a little bit to make it fit on your print bed.



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