Zipper Pull – Pac Man Series (Baby Ghost)

Zipper Pull - Pac Man Series (Baby Ghost)  3d model

The original felt too big for the zipper on my backpack, so I made a smaller version.

Everything is adjusted to use the same 4mm paracord and 3x2mm magnets. The magnets should be easy to install by putting them one by one on a flat surface and pressing the print onto them from above.

Items you need:
Two pieces of paracord, 3-4 mm in diameter
4x 3x2mm magnets
2x 10mm wiggly eyes
Super glue for the eyes

No supports are needed. For best results, variable layer height is recommended, this way the sides will look more uniform. Feel free to use the included .3mf / .gcode files.

F3D and STEP files are also included.



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