3 person Tic Tac Toe

3 person Tic Tac Toe

My daughter loves playing x’s and o’s. One day her brother also wanted to play and as I was about to bow out they asked if all three of us could play. Quick google search taught me that 3 player Tic Tac Toe is a thing! Calamity ensued but we were using a lot of sheets of paper. It bugged me to do that so the very first thing I modeled at home was this game. I has provided hours of fun for us and I have made a couple of them for friends as well. You can obviously play 2 player on the center 3X3 grid. 

Game board should be good to go and straight forward. All prints done at .15mm layer height

I printed 9 of each game piece. you could get away with 8 of each but there will be an empty spot on the board if you play until that point (only had 2 draws the entire time we’ve been playing though)

I printed the game pieces with a brim due to the bed contact being so low for them. Otherwise just the generic presets on my slicer were used.

We play youngest goes first and play goes clockwise, 3 in a row wins just like 2 person. Play however you wish! I modeled stars and hearts at my daughters request but haven’t gotten around to printing them yet. I may upload them later if they print well.

Hope you have many hours of fun with this game too!

Happy Printing!



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