3D Pyramid Jigsaw Puzzle

3D Pyramid Jigsaw Puzzle

Calling on all jigsaw puzzle fans. If you like puzzles, this original design is for you!

I’m a huge fan of boardgames and puzzles and I thought it would be really cool to design an original jigsaw puzzle for 3D printing. I came up with an initial design using Shapr3D on my MacBook Pro and then evolved the design upwards to create a more challenging multi-level puzzle. I have finally printed it on out on my Mini+ and it turned out great. As you can see, this is a multi-level 81 piece jigsaw puzzle that prints in four print runs. It can be printed it in a single colour if like more challenging puzzles or in multiple colours to make it easier for younger puzzlers. I’m just a hobbyist designer so would definitely appreciate your comments. Have a look and let me know what you think.

Printing Tips:

Prints best at 100%. Larger is ok but the gap between pieces is 0.3 mm so going smaller risks the pieces sticking together.
Print each layer separately.
Prints great at a layer height of 0.2 mm but probably will come out cleaner at 0.15 mm (but takes longer to print).
Once you print a layer, gently bent at the seams to separate the pieces without breaking.
I printed with Prusament Galaxy Black PLA but I’m sure it will work with PETG, etc.



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