Boat Model 010 – The windup-motor boat

Boat Model 010 - The windup-motor boat 3d model

I am pleased to present you the wind-up motorboat

I have wanted to build a boat like this for some time and make it available to others. Unfortunately, it was difficult to recommend a favourable source for the wind-up motors to others. I am therefore delighted that this small hardware kit has finally made this possible.

Boat Model Components Kit 010

Boat Model 010 - The windup-motor boat2 3d model

The model itself is very simple, only 4 parts and only one that should be glued out, as another mounting option would have made less sense here. But even without the lifebuoy the model would work very well.

The video shows the assembly in short form.

For all those who use the STL file

For all those who use STL files and not the 3mf file, where the infill has already been adjusted to the necessary centre of gravity, I have attached a small schematic picture here, where you can create the necessary centre of gravity yourself by cutting the model and the different infill.

Boat Model 010 - The windup-motor boat3 3d model

You can find a display stand for the boat here, but unfortunately not currently for the A1 Mini as the radius is too large.
Base wind-up motorboat

Boat Model 010 - The windup-motor boat4 3d model



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