Boom Boat/ Mini Dozer Ship

Boom Boat/ Mini Dozer Ship

Boom boats are mainly used in the USA and Canada to push logs together to form a raft. I have always found these little power dwarfs very funny and have tried to construct one that is floatable with a little trickery. Unfortunately a weight has to be integrated, in my case a 20 Euro cent coin. This has a weight of 5.74 grams and so the ship floats quite well. I have two hulls with deposited, if it does not work with the 20 EuroCent, then you can print the 50EuroCent version and thus move a little the weight. As a counterpart to the EuroCent, the 0.25 DollarCent (Quarter) should work in the USA. This should fit into the 50EuroCent version.

You can print the boat either in a normal version consisting of upper and lower part or colored by means of filament change. Simply integrate a stop in the slicer (PrusaSlicer as an example) at the desired position. You can see the positions visually from the screenshots. The separate parts of the superstructure can then simply be joined together using superglue.

That was it actually already 🙂

Have fun with the little boom boat

I would print the deck with 0.15 layer height. When the printer is at the height of the exhaust, it is best to reduce the speed a bit, because it can swing up. So rather print a little slower than too fast.



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