Catapult dice tower

Catapult dice tower 3d model

Castle dice tower with catapults for throwing and mixing dice – another one of my crazy ideas. I wanted to make this model a fun mechanical toy

You need to print the lower part and the upper part of the castle, the floor, 6X catapult, 6X safety pin – you have to stick it in the model. Even though it was so difficult for me that I didn’t have to stick it.
And you still need 6 pieces of rubber bands with a length of 20-30 mm. The installation of the rubber bands and the operation of the tower are in the video.

Suitable for dice up to 16mm in size

Opened, catapults loaded, dice ready

Catapult dice tower 2 3d model

Closed, catapults fired, dice mixed

Catapult dice tower 3 3d model

Rubber band foundation system:

Catapult dice tower 4 3d model

Unsuccessful pieces from the development of the project, about 250g of filament, mainly the lower part of the tower was tuned, I hope everything will be OK now!

Catapult dice tower 5 3d model


Thorin Oakenshield

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