Chindia Tower – Dice Tower

Chindia Tower - Dice Tower 3d model

Prints in place with only 3 exterior supports for the exterior ledges.

About the monument
“Acted as the dungeon of the royal court, also representing a strong defensive element.
The Chindia Tower was also used as a surveillance and defence point for the court and for the city. It was provided with shooting loopholes, while the first level had an access door connected to the royal palace. In the XVI-XVII centuries it also acted as a prison. According to the archaeological researches, it was built during the first half of the XV century, probably during the reign of Vlad Dracul” [1]. Vlad Dracul was the father of Vlad Țepeș, better knwon as Dracula.
“Another possible founder of the tower could have been the famous Vlad Țepeș- Dracula. The architectural researches regarding the tower proved that this construction was built over the porch of the chapel constructed during the reign of Mircea cel Bătrân”. [1]


Robert Gogete

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