Collapsing Dice Tower

Collapsing Dice Tower 3d model

extends to three times its original height. The drawbridge opens to allow the dice through, but a detent keeps it closed when traveling. The funnel on top and the angle on the bottom mixes the die and makes sure they exit the tower every roll. There is a button on the bottom that locks the tower in position so it won’t accidently extended when you don’t want it to. There is compartment on the bottom for storing dies with a built in catch on the lid.

It is designed to be printed with a .4mm nozzle. The walls are four shells thick, two shells are used for the brick inlay.

Note: if your tower does not extend all the way, pull it apart until you have the desired extension and leave it for a day or two. The plastic will eventually “creep” and you will eventually get the perfect fit.


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