Colonel Jurten’s Resolve (Wyvern Proxy)

Colonel Jurten's Resolve (Wyvern Proxy)

This is a remix of Mkhand_Industries’ “Epic Scale Griffon Mortar Carrier v3” and Danny_Cyanide’s “Four Way Thump Cannon”. In addition, I resized the ladder found in outofstep’s “Interstellar Imperial Army – Cockatrice” and the mortar shells found in Vontragg’s “Griffon Like Vehicle”. It is currently scaled for traditional 28mm 40k and intended to be used as a Wyvern proxy. The model is broken into two (2) main parts – the main Chimera chassis and the Thudd Gun. I hope everyone enjoys the model and please share any pictures of the print!

Colonel Jurten’s Resolve Lore:

In 433.M40, the once-loyal Imperial world of Krieg declared independence and renounced the glory of the God-Emperor. At that moment, the world was changed forever. Colonel Jurten, commander of the 83rd Krieg Imperial Guard regiment, gathered to him all those still loyal to the Imperium, and struck back against the rebellion, choosing to unleash the horror of atomic bombardment upon those who had forsaken the Emperor. During the five hundred standard year civil war that followed, the Imperial loyalists determined they had a great need for mobile artillery support during the vicious trench warfare that ensued on the irradiated surface of Krieg. One result of this need was Colonel Jurten’s Resolve. This suppression tank consisted of an Imperial Quad-Launcher mounted in a re-purposed Chimera chassis. The tank excels in close urban warfare, raining curtains of shrapnel down on enemy infantry without exposing itself to harm. Colonel Jurten’s Resolve tanks fulfill a role distinct from the Basilisk, specializing in close-range and anti-infantry bombardment. Some left over models are still deployed to the battlefield by the 83rd Krieg Imperial Guard regiment despite the model never being approved by the Adeptus Mechanicus.



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