Custom Hot Wheels Track System

Custom Hot Wheels Track System 3d model

I don’t have enough Hot Wheels track to make a cool stunt course, and the track packs are expensive, so I made my own track system. This model includes straight road, banked road, a ramp and a turn. More parts coming soon.

Here are a few notes for every model


PLA works fine, but PETG might be more durable and easier to use.

Insert them into the slots by putting one corner in the slot, and then pushing the other corner inwards. (see pictures)

You can remove them by pulling straight, but off-center.

It is easier to remove connectors by inserting a screwdriver through the hole and pulling.

To connect two pieces of track together simply insert the connector in one of them, and then fit the other onto it at an angle.

Straight Tracks:

Can be printed flat at 0.2 mm layer height, or sideways at 0.1 mm.

I recommend adding mouse ears or brim to avoid warping.

You can create custom lengths in slicer by splitting a track into three sections and stretching the middle one. You can’t stretch the entire part, because the connectors need to fit.

Step and Bridge:

I recommend you to print these sideways at 0.1 mm layer height to avoid support material or small contact area. The step also benefits from sideways printing as it will have a smooth driving surface. Both files are still optimized for both orientations.


I don’t know if it is necessary, but I always print this one with a brim. I also printed this one slightly angled, because otherwise the brim wouldn’t fit on the build plate.


(To bank to the other side, simply mirror the model)

This one took a few iterations, because the cars kept hopping over the barrier. I eventually ended up raising the inner barrier and lengthening the piece to 200 mm instead of 150. This part can only be printed flat and therefore can’t have a completely smooth driving surface. The cars seem to be unaffected by this.

Slicing settings (Prusaslicer, optional):
0.1 mm Layer height
0.2 mm first layer
2 perimeters
10% support cubic infill
Combine infill every 3 layers

Model it yourself:

I highly encourage everyone to make their own track pieces either for specific small adjustments to your own track, or elaborate stunt pieces for everyone to enjoy! Feel free to take an item from the list below and beat me to it. Just be sure to upload your model as a remix.

I make most of these models by duplicating the straight track in Fusion 360, and with offset planes at 15 and 235 mm splitting the object in three. I then remove (not delete) the middle part and move the 2nd part to it’s final position. This way I can ensure that the connections are straight and that the driving surface remains smooth(/tangent). Then I 3d sketch a path for the loft/sweep command that joins the parts back together again. Then some lofts from the ground up to support the model from below, and some holes to reduce material cost (optional).

The .step file I included already has the construct planes you need to use as splitting tools.

I am by no means an experienced modeler, but by trial and error it always works out well enough.

There is also an .stl of the start and end of the track, that might be useful for creating a custom shape with simpler 3d modeling software.


Pepijn Roosen

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