Engine Model

Engine Model 3d model

This is a V-twin engine model that consists of various parts like a crankshaft, connecting rods, camshafts, gears, and a throttle valve, among others. It can replicate the functioning of a real engine. The engine model has magnetic decorative covers and hollowed-out structures that make it easy to observe the internal parts. It can be rotated using either a manual crank or an electric motor. In manual mode, the engine runs at a slow pace, allowing for a better observation of each movement. With the motor drive mode, the engine can run continuously by using the motor to rotate the crankshaft.

Recommended filaments: Bambu PLA series, PLA Basic is recomended especially in moving parts
Hardware Kit: Engine Model Components Kit-005

Please make sure you clean the build plate before printing and/or applying glue to prevent print failures.

Follow the video tutorial step by step to print and assemble your build.


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