Fehmarn – a north german island ferry

Fehmarn - a north german island ferry

Multicolour was made possible by changing the filaments. As always with my Prusa and Slic3r, an M600 command was simply inserted in the appropriate places.

From version 1.42.0 Alpha it also works directly in the Sli3r

gray layer 0 – 18.0mm (Layer 0-90)
Brown layer 18.0 – 19.4mm (Layer 90-97)
White layer 19.4 – 29.20mm (Layer 97-146)
Green layer 29.20- 57.80mm (Layer 146-289)

Yellow layer 0 – 24,20mm (Layer 0-121)
Black layer 24.20 – 29.40mm (Layer 121-147)



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