Fidget Toggle Switch

Fidget Toggle Switch

This fidget toy is a tiny, clicky toggle switch! It’s fully printable in about an hour and is only four pieces. You can change the “snap” effect by using either spring option and/or different materials.

Nozzle Size: 0.4mm
Layer Height: 0.2mm
Vertical Shells: 2
Top/Bottom Layers: 4
Infill: 15%
Supports: Nope

You’ll need 2x Case, 1x Toggle, and 1x of either the HardSpring or SoftSpring or ReallySoftSpring.

I recommend printing all of springs and trying them out to find what feels best for you. For most filaments, I found the HardSpring works best, but if the filament is particularly stiff, use the SoftSpring or ReallySoftSpring.

The tolerances should be generous enough, but if you are having any problems, check your flow rate.


1. Place the spring into one side of the case. Try out the HardSpring first as it should last longer theoretically. If you are using the SoftSpring or ReallySoftSpring, the cutout should be facing away from the peg.
2. Place the toggle on to the peg in the case and test out the movement. Note that the action will be stronger with both side of the case present.
3. Attach the other side of the case and enjoy! The case should hold together with friction, but if not, a small amount of glue should suffice.



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