Flight Stands / Bases – The Terra Conflict

Flight Stands / Bases - The Terra Conflict

This is a set of flight bases/stands – designed for use of spaceships/creatures/etc in my Terra Conflict Kickstarter.

There’s a few basic styles (round, hex) and then ‘fancier’ designed styles (round, hex, square). These are all designed for 1″ grid/hex play but should work most styles. There’s a short, tall, and flexible version of each one. The short/tall versions print upright in 1 piece, and the flexible height version has a rod you can scale in length independently which then glues into the base.

The rods are 3mm, which matches those from other manufacturers like
, and print great in FDM or resin – with solid or clear/translucent colors. These would also work great as stands for things like flying drones for 28-32mm scale gaming.



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