Fortnite Chest

Fortnite Chest 3D model

Fortnite Chest

Fortnite Chest

3D Fortnite Chest model

I took the chest made my Z-mech and remixed it with the following changes:
Both top and bottom parts are now the same size and both print flat without support needed
The bolt lock goes upwards and cuts out of the lid which matches the game chest
The handles can rotate
Added in some nut detailing
Made the chest sides under the top planks a single simple layer like the game chest
And changed the hinge system (you need to use a bit of thick wire to thread it)

I also imported it into blender and put a dent in the lid
But I will upload both with and without the dent

I printed mine at 80% in brown and painted it with some yellow, silver and bronze
Just a quick dry brush leaving the darker under colour, I also printed it “fast” as the rougher the print the more it looks like the Fortnite chest

Would also look cool printed in glow in the dark with some paint on top so that at night it would glow through

~edit – I just updated the lid so its not as thin on the top where it is dented~



Fortnite Chest
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