Kids token – earn points for treats

Kids token - earn points for treats

I designed these tokens like poker chips for fun, with the number on both sides, and printed them in different colors for visual management 🙂

MMU strongly recommended!!!

We decided to print some token for my 4 yrs old daughter that she can exchange against some TV time or else, in order to make her understand that she can have rewards only when she behaves.

Our rules are as follow:

she earn points when she does good things, such as :
helping set the table : +1 pt
helping cook : +2 pts
cleaning up her stuff : +1 pt
going for a bike ride : +4 pts

bad behavior makes her lose points :
yelling (oh that screeeeeech) : -1 pt
tantrum : -3 pts
points are redeemable for rewards. For example :
Watching Cat in the Hat on TV : need 5 pts
Watching Magic Bus on TV : need 6 pts
Watching The Grinch on TV : need 10pts

Good thing is she is learning math (addition/subtraction) in the process of rewards!!



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