Lucky 13 MINI Printable Jointed Figure

Lucky 13 MINI Printable Jointed Figure 3d model

Lucky 13 MINI Printable Jointed Figure2 3d model

Lucky 13 MINI Printable Jointed Figure3 3d model

Introducing MINI 13!

Mini 13 is the next generation of Lucky 13: a fully 3D printable, highly posable, snap-together, modular, customizable, jointed figure – now optimized for faster and easier printing and even easier customization.

With a jointed frame, a simple set of armor, and some example accessories, this starter set contains everything you need to start printing, playing, and making it your own.


The first three files give you all the parts you need to assemble the frame, armor, and extras. You can also print individual parts; the file name indicates if you will need to print more than one of each part (e.g. you would print 4 of the file mini13-frame-arm-4x.stl).

I recommend PETG or ASA for the frame parts (PLA also works but the joints will weaken faster). The armor and extras can be printed in the filament of your choice.

These are the settings I use for best results (at 100% scale and with a 0.4mm nozzle)

Layer height 0.15mm (first layer 0.2mm)
3 perimeters
30% rectilinear infill
Slow down the first layer print speed (30% of default)
0.25mm elephant foot compensation
Print external perimeters first
No brim or support material

You may need to tweak these settings and find what works best with your printer.


Mini 13 3d model

The video and image below show how to assemble the model. All parts should snap snugly into place – no tools needed!



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