Pack Pig

Pack Pig

Pack Pig

Pack Pig

Say hello to your newest party member, Pack Pig! This helpful friend comes jam packed with so many advanced features, you’ll wonder what your group ever did without him!
Our specially trained porcine pals will accompany your adventuring group through thick and thin, and happily carry your provisions, extra loot, potions of healing, and a small keg of whatever potable liquid you prefer.

Other features:
-Boosts Morale
-Bait for large predatory monsters
-Emergency food supply

(May require multiple animal handling checks during your delves, and will -definitely- foul up your stealth checks at the most inopportune times. Ask your DM if Pack Pig is right for you. May require gold fees, quest completion, or dark sacrifices.)

Print Settings

Printer Brand: Creality

Printer: Ender 3

Rafts: Doesn’t Matter

Supports: Yes

Resolution: 0.1mm

Infill: 30%


Printed at 0.1mm layer heights, with an 0.4mm nozzle with walls 0.4mm thick. Using a smaller nozzle will help improve small detail fidelity. Sliced using S3D with +0.10 Horizonal Size Compensation.
May be slightly difficult to print due to the large amount of overhangs, but if your settings are dialed in it shouldn’t be too terrible.

Some adjustments have been made to hopefully make it easier to print, including a version with some added supports at the bottom of the frying pan and shovel tip; I would call these experimental at best, will update if test prints prove well.

Comes as bring-your-own-base, for easier printing with supports. Add your own via superglue or meshmixer operations!



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