Spring Dog

Spring Dog

Spring Dog

I created Slinky dog and Slinky dog || two years ago. From Wikipedia, a Slinky is a precompressed helical spring toy invented by Richard James in the early 1940s.

One day, one question emerged in my brain: how to create a not-precompressed spring which can be easily printed by an FDM 3DP?

How I Designed This

Spring Dog

The idea is the same as Slinky dog. Coils touche only at the edge of each level so it’s easy to separate them. However, this time I create two helices. After being printed, remove the red one.

You can use the line_distance parameter to set up the thickness of the red helix. If you set it to 0, it’s a slinky.

I also modified the feet of the head part slightly so that it can be printed with less support.

OpenSCAD Documentation

OpenSCAD Documentation – Traditional Chinese
OpenSCAD Documentation – English



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