Tesla Cybertruck Kit Card

Tesla Cybertruck Kit Card 3d model

Tesla Cybertruck Kit Card2 3d model

This is a Tesla Cybertruck Kit Card designed by Muunk Studio

The Kit Card took advantage of Tesla Cybertruck’s paperfolded-like exterior design, and it is printed flat, folded to an angle, and assembled. It allows to have no layer line and smooth surface finish on most of the parts.

There are three 3mf. files uploaded:

Single Color Kit Card – has all parts included and only prints in single filament

[Part 1] 2 Color Filament – printed in two different color filament and does not have all parts included. Must Print [Part 2]
[Part 2] Platform Part – prints in single filament color and must have [Part 1] printed to complete the assemble.

Pre-folding along the scored line of surface helps when assembling.

Please be careful when assembling, as fitting channels are small and fragile.
Every parts should snap fit, EXCEPT for the Window detail.
Window is not a snap fit, you have to use glue for window.

Please follow the instruction below, for any question shoot me a message or comment below.

And as always thank you and enjoy.

Tesla Cybertruck Kit Card3 3d model

Tesla Cybertruck Kit Card4 3d model

Tesla Cybertruck Kit Card5 3d model

Tesla Cybertruck Kit Card6 3d model

Tesla Cybertruck Kit Card7 3d model


Muunk Studio

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