Tetra Tower – A Brick Balancing Game

Tetra Tower - A Brick Balancing Game 3d model

Saw this in an advert somewhere and thought it’d be a fun little project!

Pretty easy to print and the game is self explanatory (whoever tumbles the pile first loses).

The original also has cards that tell you what piece to play to make it a bit more unpredictable and challenging so if you’d like me to make those let me know!

The weight of the balancing base is important, it needs to be heavy enough to not tumble too quickly. I printed my base with 200g of eSun Marble PLA (around 4 perimeters and 30% infill) and it works very well as you can see in the photo.

Regarding the bricks, I’d advise printing between 30 and 40 bricks to have enough to ensure you don’t end up in a tie! Mine were printed with eSun PLA+ Gold, Fiberlogy PLA Red and am about to make another 10 bricks in eSun PLA+ Light Blue .



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