The Barrel Cooper’s Puzzle Box (Difficult!)

The Barrel Cooper's Puzzle Box (Difficult!)

My newest puzzle box design is deceptively difficult. Locate the the solution plaque and restore it to the front of the barrel to display mastery over this fiendish challenge.

As with all box-style puzzles, this design has a hidden compartment, but finding that is only the start!

Hardware Required

M3 x 70mm Bolt
M3 Washer
M3 Locknut
Spring (5mm diameter x 15mm length)


Attach lock right more securely (no glue)

M3 x 8mm Length Bolt (x3)

Give lids a tighter fit

O-ring 12mm Outer Diameter 8mm Inner Diameter (x4)


Add magnetic latch to hold cork

Steel Dowel Pin 6mm Diameter 14mm Length (Or cut down a bolt to size)
6mm x 3mm Cylinder Magnet



Download 3D models

FileFile size
zip 's+Puzzle+Box+(Difficult!)3 MB

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