Toothpick Gun (Compliant mechanism)

Toothpick Gun 3d model

Toothpick Gun2 3d model

This is another one of those projects I’ve been meaning to complete for some time, similarly to my other print in place rubber band gun. This one features a straightforward design, it has a special compliant mechanism that launches toothpicks when the trigger is activated.

Versions explained:

The V1 is basically just the first iteration of the model, not refined nor the best of the best, the S for the other one stands for “strong” meaning its compliant mechanism is stronger and can shoot further.

The V1R is basically the final version of this model, it has been refined to be more comfortable to hold and shoot, it is a bit more solid when being used and can shoot further. The S in the other variant of this stands for the same thing as before, which is “strong”.

Toothpick Gun3 3d model
Toothpick Gun4 3d model



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