UNO Multicolored Card Box

UNO Multicolored Card Box 3d model

UNO Multicolored Card Box 2 3d model

This UNO Card Box with multicolored logo is based on the UNO Card Box by Markus_p.

The 3MF file from the lid contains also the parts of the logo. PrusaSlicer opens this just fine, I don’t know about other slicers. Use a pause/filament change/M600 command for color swapping for the first layer. Make sure your first layer height is 0.2mm, otherwise you must also swap colors on the second layer.

The inner card holder could be glued in place. Note that the beveled side should be at the front.

UNO Multicolored Card Box 3 3d model

The box will not close if the card holder is glued the other way around. Test before gluing.

For the hinges you will need 6x additional M3x30mm screws.



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