Vogland Castle / Tower (support free)

Vogland Castle / Tower 3d model

Vogland Castle / Tower 3d model

This structure is built in small sections for easy printing and is provided here at 32mm scale, though there’s sufficient detail to scale up these structures if you prefer. There’s a choice of Arched window or Arrow Slots, and you can make the tower as tall as you wish thanks to the easy stacking system. Suitable for FDM & Resin.

There are a lot of projections on these models, thanks to the rough surfaces of the stonework. Whilst I have strived to ensure that these should print without supports (if printed parallel to the build plate), it’s possible some artifacts may occur upon the FEP and in the resin. For this reason I recommend after EVERY print, filter the resin and clean the FEP.

I designed this model to print support-free when placed flat on the build plate. This is perfect for FDM of course, but with resin prints this can lead to a slight tide mark print flaw. For this reason resin prints are best done on an angle, so I have provided OPTIONAL pre-supported Resin print STLs as well. But the choice is yours.



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