Yappy Pup (Totally Not Scrappy Doo)

Yappy Pup (Totally Not Scrappy Doo)

I was inspired to craft a design of a Yappy Pup, a sidekick for a mystery solving teen gang, for the use in the board game “Don’t Look Back” by Black Site Studios.

A friend created character cards for the Teen Gang, and for Yappy Pup, whose spit personality, would be the Slasher Psycho Killer. But I couldn’t find anything that would work as a mini, or a proxy, and I came up with this one.

Files include based and unbased designs of Yappy Pup, and Slasher Yappy Pup, scaled for 32mm gaming.

This is the most involved design I have worked on, and I am really proud of the results.



Download 3D models

FileFile size
zip Yappy+Pup+(Totally+Not+Scrappy+Doo)141 MB

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