Compact Multi-Use Case in two sizes

Compact Multi-Use Case in two sizes 3d model


A set of printable cases, slim and stylish, in two sizes! I originally set out to make a version of the case I did for my mega swatches, but sized for the original Bambu swatches. I really like this design though, and decided to make it a little more versatile yet. For each size I have a swatch insert (40 and 80 swatch capacity each), along with empty inserts for each too, so they can be used as a regular case! Unlike my other cases, this case design doesn’t use a magnet to keep the lid closed, but instead relies on a friction fit. Having too lose of a hinge pin can make the fit less frictiony.

Tools & Hardware

4 M2x8mm Self Tapping Screws (Bambu’s BT2x8mm self tapping screws)
2 2x13mm Dowel Pins (I used 2 of the brass dowel pins from Bambu. You can likely use a piece of filament too)


Like with my other case, assembly is pretty straight forward.

Start by sliding in the insert you’d like to use, if you want a swatch box or just a regular case!

Compact Multi-Use Case in two sizes2 3d model

Install the two screws into the end cap to fix it to the insert, and then put in the dowel for the hinge

Compact Multi-Use Case in two sizes3 3d model

Next, install the lid, then install the second dowel in place. Secure the other end cap in place and screw it tight.

Compact Multi-Use Case in two sizes4 3d model

That’s it! Enjoy!



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