Venetian Infantry Sword New

Venetian Infantry Sword New

Another model of the Venetian infantry sword with a different hilt, adding an open port on the outside and a bent port on the inside. It is also historically accurate and offers better hand protections.

The hilt is 3d printable (in metal) and you can insert your own blade into it. It has mass of 480g and the knuckle bowl is connected to the pommel for better structural rigidity. If you choose to do that, it is inevitable that the only way to fit the blade to the hils is a loose fit due to the less-than-ideal tolerance of 3d printing (square holes wouldn’t be perfectly squared so you may have to do some broaching). It would be fine if the pommel and the hilt is in one piece but will be problematic should you separate them like you would assemble the sword traditionally.

The mass of the pommel is almost half of the entire hilt, so you could alter the thickness of the pommel or dig bigger holes to alter the weight & balance. For the current set up, the entire sword weighs 991g with a POB of 11cm.



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