Battlestar Poseidon -Triton-class- [BSG 42]

Battlestar Poseidon -Triton-class- [BSG 42]

The Triton-class Battlestar was brought into service before the second Cylon war, it served as the new “Pocket Battlestar” Taking strong influences in design from the iconic Jupiter-class maintaining the “alligator shape” while changing some of the lines and curves to smooth out and balance the design in this new smaller format. Retractable flight pods were no longer needed with new FTL upgrades, freeing up interior space for a ventral fly through hangar bay for Raptors and Logistics craft.

Battlestar Poseidon survived “The Fall of the Twelve Colonies” while on a recon mission during the attack. The news eventually reached Poseidon months later as a damaged adrift civilian vessel was picked up by a Raptor patrol.

Fan recreation built In Space Enigneers Battlestar Poseidon Collection



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