Modular Armored Habitat

Modular Armored Habitat 3d model

Drawing inspiration from the prepper shelters and residential habitats of Mountain Knot City in Death Stranding, this building embodies a minimalist, brutalist aesthetic with the potential for subterranean levels. The structure currently features an unfinished interior, including a ground floor and a lofted second level. Additionally, the door and its locking mechanism are separate meshes, accompanied by a recess allowing the door to slide open or closed—perfect for scripting dynamic interactions in a game engine. This creation was initially developed to explore the capabilities of Procedural World’s GeNa town map generation system.

The surrounding landscape leverages textures for mountains, grass, bushes, and trees sourced from a collection I’ve accumulated over years, with origins now forgotten. These environmental elements are constructed using 4-plane billboard intersections for a realistic appearance.



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