1998 Audi Coupe

1998 Audi Coupe 3d model

Only 1800 S2 Avants were made made worldwide – actually rarer than the RS2 which was based on this car. With a 5-cylinder turbocharged engine, Quattro, and a 6-speed manual, this car is a riot to drive and sounds great too.

As you would expect from a premium German brand, the Audi S2 boasts build quality that’s generally very good. Rust shouldn’t be too much of a problem, though given the climate of the UK, a car of this age should always be checked for signs of corrosion anyway.

A similar version of the engine was used in the Audi 100 based S4 (the ‘Ur-S4’). The S2 came as standard with quattro permanent four-wheel drive, and featured a heavy-duty 5-speed manual transmission, and was capable of 150 mph.



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