MON-50. МОН-50. Russian claymore shaped AP-mine

MON-50. МОН-50. Russian claymore shaped AP-mine

The MON-50 (Russian: МОН-50) is a claymore shaped (rectangular, slightly concave), plastic bodied, directional type of anti-personnel mine designed and manufactured in the Soviet Union. It is designed to wound or kill by explosive fragmentation. The mine first entered service in 1965 and is similar to the American M18 Claymore with a few differences.

МОН-50 — противопехотная осколочная мина направленного поражения. Предназначена для поражения живой силы противника, в том числе в грузовом и легковом транспорте. Разработана в 1960-х — 1970-х годах.



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