Wasserfall surface-to-air missile

Wasserfall surface-to-air missile

Developed during the Second World war, Wasserfall was one of the first SAM systems in the world. Though it had never entered service, the missile system had dozens of test launches some of which were successful. Captured Wasserfalls, among with other german SAMs helper the US and the Soviet Union to develop their own surface-to-air systems.

The file includes the newely built missile, its old transport/launch pad and a part of a rail system used to move it to the launch position. The model isn’t 100% accurate to the real missile, but it’s decently close enough.

The missile texture is all mine, tiled, 4k. Textures for the pad and rail parts are downloaded free to use (including commercial use), tuned to suit the model, baked in 4k, not tiled.



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