Shoulder-Mounted Gatling Laser

Shoulder-Mounted Gatling Laser 3d model

A shoulder mounted version the Gatling laser it was released a few years after the original Gatling laser was made it was made for heavy military operations and it was designed for more Mobility though despite being a heavy piece of Machinery it is actually quite light and it has a longer lasting battery then it’s non-shoulder mounted counterpart eventually later models were given a special site used for more accuracy during its second years in production eventually the bombs fell and most models were left in the arms of wastelanders usually it seems heavy use from the enclave and the Brotherhood of Steel and multiple other factions around the Wasteland despite most wastelanders thinking there is no difference between both versions of the Gatling laser however owners of this one seem to prefer it over the other Yeah I decided to make a shoulder mounted so because I mean there is a Gatling gun already in Fallout New Vegas that goes on your shoulders so why not have a laser version



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