La Nymphe Salmacis

La Nymphe Salmacis 3d model

Artist: François Joseph Bosio
Period: 1819-1837
Material: Marble
Location: Nouveau Musée National de Monaco
Dimensions: 63 x 68 x 50 cm
Scanned: 2018
Scanner: Creaform

One day Hermaphroditus went swimming in his pool. Upon seeing him, Salmacis was struck with love for him, approached him and confessed her love to him; but he was not interested, and demanded she leave. She did so, but her passion took her back, unable to stay away from him.[1] As Hermaphroditus emerged from the pool, she threw herself at him, and forcibly kissed him as he tried to escape. Salmacis then cried to the gods and begged them to let them stay together forever; and the gods answered by fusing them together for all time, into a deity that had both male and female parts. She thus becomes one with Hermaphroditus and he curses the fountain to have the same effect on every other person who would bathe there.


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