Christmas Tree Ornament (85mm) with Cap (Weihnachtsbaumschmuck)

Christmas Tree Ornament 3d model

Christmas Tree Ornament2 3d model

This 85mm long christmas tree ornament has a very nice slim shape and is easy to print. I recommend to use metallic filament for an even better look as mentioned on the pictures.

The cap is made for all XMAS ornaments with a 14mm top. Just glue it onto the ornament and its ready for XMAS.

We recommend to print the ornament upside down with 10mm brim.

If you need different sizes for your XMAS tree you can scale ornament & cap up/down as you need it.

Material: PLA
Layeheight: 0.2mm or better
Infill: 0-10%
Ornament with: 10mm brim



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