Signs by Bear – Blank Template

Signs by Bear - Blank Template 3d model

This is the Blank Template, which you are allowed to remix to your own needs! Add text, pictures, etc.
You could even change the shape, if you wish! Just remember to keep the holes at the same distance and size, so they fit on the Wooden Pole.

The Idea Behind The Signs (for Inspiration!)

My idea behind these signs is, that you could use it for different (although gimmicky) aspects of DnD – or simply use them for other different projects.

I have designed a sign for each of the DnD classes, which could be used as a fun little visual reminder of which class each player is playing. The signs could also be used for making each player draw a random class for one-shot campaigns!

Furthermore, the signs could be used by the DM as a fun way to transition between locations, such as towns/cities, Inns, etc. This would also be a visual aid for players to remind them of the current location.
It only takes a few seconds to swap out the sign!


I recommend playing around with a smaller extrusion width for outer walls for some models. The Druid, for example, has fine features which will disappear at the regular 0.4 mm+ extrusion width!
For multicolor, add color change at layer 8 🙂

The Wooden Pole (Sign Holder) and Cobblestone Base


Bjørn Frihagen

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