Signs by Bear – Wooden Post and Cobblestone Base

Signs by Bear - Wooden Post and Cobblestone Base 3d model

Whichever signs you decide to print – they need a holder!
So here it is; the wooden pole and cobblestone base.

The pole simply plugs into the base via a small friction fit.

The Idea Behind The Signs (for Inspiration!)

My idea behind these signs is, that you could use it for different (although gimmicky) aspects of DnD – or simply use them for other different projects.
A blank template sign, which you can remix to suit your own needs, can be found here: Blank Template

I have designed a sign for each of the DnD classes, which could be used as a fun little visual reminder of which class each player is playing. The signs could also be used for making each player draw a random class for one-shot campaigns!

Furthermore, the signs could be used by the DM as a fun way to transition between locations, such as towns/cities, Inns, etc. This would also be a visual aid for players to remind them of the current location.
It only takes a few seconds to swap out the sign!

Good to know: Different Models

You will find different models to download.
One of these is a tolerance test.

This test only prints a small portion of the pole and base, to let you test whether or not they fit together with your printer.
This way, you can print the tolerance test first, to establish whether you should scale the base up or down a bit, before printing the entire thing 🙂

Also included a model of a Wooden Pole with the backside texture removed – so a smooth backside.
This can be used, if you experience bed adhesion problems with the default wooden pole, and if you don’t mind skipping out on the wooden texture on the backside 🙂

Good to know: Slicer Settings!

When slicing the model, please consider using an extrusion width of 0.42 mm or less for the first layer – if you’re printing the default pole instead of the one with the flat backside.
Since I’ve added wooden texture to the backside of the default pole, some of the lines will disappear when using a higher extrusion width for the first layer, which can result in some print failures.


Bjørn Frihagen

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