The Cursed Skull – Magical Amulet of Silvyn

The Cursed Skull - Magical Amulet of Silvyn 3d model

In a land of Mycenaean , there lived a mysterious figure known as Silenus, who was Dionysus’s tutor and guide through life’s mysteries. One fateful night, he encountered an elvin puck with whom he shared a passionate tryst. Unbeknownst to him, this encounter led to the birth of their child, Silvyn.

As Silvyn grew older, he mastered the art of forest magic and developed quite a mischievous streak. His pranks and tricks soon earned him the reputation of being an insufferable nuisance. Eventually, his antics caught up with him, as he was hunted down by his own father, Silenus, who had no idea that they were related.

Silvyn’s Skull, now haunted, eventually seeks out Silenus and attempts to kill Silenus by lodging itself within his father’s throat. Dionysus, ever the loyal friend, reached into his mentor’s mouth and pulled out the tormenting relic. The sorcerer who once knew both father and son crafted an amulet to contain the skull, which could be used for mischievous spells in the hands of a skilled practitioner. And so, the tale of Silvyn remains shrouded in mystery, forever intertwined with that of his elusive father, Silenus.

Seems like it would be a good gift for a DM to wear.

or print it solid and use it for Heads or Tails when the need arises.


Peter Farell

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